Renee Bargh On The Power Of Maternity Style 

Renee Bargh is about to embark on her greatest adventure yet. In anticipation of welcoming her first child, we sat down with the television presenter at her Avalon home to find out what she’s looking forward to the most about motherhood.
As the co-host of US television show Extra, Renee Bargh spent over a decade in Los Angeles interviewing the world’s starriest names. But when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, the 37-year-old made the decision to return to home turf - with two Emmys and a spot as co-host of The Voice Australia in tow.
Now, the small screen darling is taking time away from the red carpet to raise her family. At the time of our interview, Renee was 35 weeks pregnant and a month later, she welcomed her first child, a son named Tide, with longtime partner Andrew Lange.
In anticipation of the birth, we spoke to the Australian native at her Northern Beaches home to find out what she was looking forward to the most about parenthood.
“Everything!” she tells The Inarra. “Most of all the level of unconditional love I’m about to encounter and the expansion of the heart that comes with that.”
A far cry from La La Land, Renee spent the first three years of her childhood in Vanuatu and now hopes to instill the life lessons she learned growing up in her son.
“It was so beautiful. We lived in cloth nappies in the tropics, eating coconuts, running naked, and swimming in the ocean,” Renee recalls.
“We didn’t have fancy clothes or cars growing up, but mum and dad would always ensure my sister and I were happy and healthy,” she adds. “Holidays were spent trekking in Nepal and Vietnam, it was a very cool eye-opening childhood.”
A few years later, her parents relocated to the Byron Hinterland, a move which would further shape Renee’s values. “I’m a true Northern Rivers girl. It was such an amazing upbringing and was a very different place back then. Mum and dad were incredibly conscious of keeping us grounded. We lived on five acres with cows and ate fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden.”
“My parents were a little bit older by the time they had me, they had already lived their lives and done most of the things they wanted to do. I don’t feel like my sister and I missed out on anything.”
It was her mother’s approach to parenting that influenced Renee the most, and she’s excited to bring these teachings into her son’s life.
“Mum’s earthly demeanor definitely impacted me. She opted for a lot of natural health avenues via naturopaths alongside Western medical practices. It was an incredibly holistic upbringing. I want to do as much as I can to connect my children to the earth, just like my mum did for my sister and I.”
Renowned for her candidness on social media, Renee has always spoken openly about her desire to have children. When she announced her pregnancy, Renee’s Instagram following rallied around her and became a constant source of support.
“Once I announced the news, it was a huge relief,” she says. “I was suffering in silence during the early stages of my pregnancy; I wasn’t seeing anyone and kept saying no to events. But the reaction to the announcement from my Instagram community was just pure excitement. In turn, this made me look forward to the journey even more.”
The Today Show presenter’s love of fashion also played a fundamental role in helping her to feel confident during pregnancy. “I felt so alone and unwell, and it sounds trivial, but getting dressed and feeling good in what I was wearing was everything for me.”
“The early stages of pregnancy are hard as you are in the awkward time of navigating the news of your pregnancy and feeling a little ‘bigger’ but certainly not showing any signs of a bump yet. I was often on Channel Nine secretly wearing a dress unzipped at the back with a blazer over the top!”
Matteau, Silk Laundry, Camilla and Marc, and Maurie and Eve are some of the failsafe labels Renee turned to during this time and she credits Rihanna for helping her to find confidence in her newfound maternity style.
“Rihanna really upped the game for pregnant women when she announced her first pregnancy in that iconic pink coat with her bump exposed. I definitely took inspiration from her. It was really liberating for me to wear outfits that showed my bump. I just rocked it!”
In anticipation of welcoming her first child, Renee sought joy in daily rituals, from morning ocean dips and journaling to calling her girlfriends. Now, she’s taking a well-earned break from the entertainment industry and is looking forward to spending time with her growing family.
“Being a mum is all I’ve ever wanted and I need to focus on this phase of my life for a little while. I’m so lucky to work with such an understanding team who have told me to return when I’m ready.”
“I’m looking forward to taking a step back and focusing on what’s really important.”


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Jasmine Edwards On The Myth Of ‘Having It All’

Jasmine Edwards always knew she wanted to be a mother. Now, the founder and director of Australia’s leading sleepwear brand, Jasmine and Will, is mum to 11-month-old daughter Paloma. We visited her family home in Woollahra to hear all about her journey into motherhood and what she’s learned along the way.

As one of four children in a close-knit family, motherhood was never a question for Jasmine, but a matter of timing. “I was 36 when I had my daughter Paloma, which my 20-year-old self would have said is ‘old’, but having met my husband Sam at 33, becoming a mum happened a little later in life for me,” Jasmine tells The Inarra.

A modern love story, the founder and director of Australian sleepwear label, Jasmine and Will, met her partner Sam through dating app Bumble. The couple got engaged in Byron Bay and later eloped in Palm Beach amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, they’re navigating parenthood together.

“Becoming a mum has taught me to open up and let the love in,” Jasmine says. “I express much more emotional and physical love in comparison to when I was younger, because I want Paloma to know how loved she is.”

“I often say Jasmine and Will is built on family values, and by that, I mean integrity, patience, and that warm fuzzy feeling. I can’t put a label on our parenting style, but it's all of those things wrapped up in plenty of cuddles.”

With a degree in commerce, Jasmine was working in finance in Dubai when she noticed a gap in the market for stylish yet affordable sleepwear. After a long-term relationship broke down, she took the opportunity to move back to Australia to launch Jasmine and Will as a side hustle in 2015.

“As any founder of a start-up will agree, you don’t have much time for anything else in those early days,” she says. “It was a cathartic distraction at a time in my life where I felt rather lonely, but above all it was a product I truly believed in.”

The first pyjama brand to launch a bespoke monogramming service, Jasmine and Will quickly began to garner a cult following. This inspired the designer to take the leap and leave her corporate 9-5 behind to focus on the business full-time.

Fast forward to 2023, and Jasmine is now the face of Australia’s leading sleepwear brand with Bloomingdale’s, David Jones, and The Iconic stocking her luxury pyjamas. But juggling a successful business and motherhood isn’t always easy.

“We’ve been conditioned to think we can have it all - the career, the children, the well-managed home,” Jasmine says. “It has taken me until recently (and a very near burnout) to realise that this is honestly not possible, even for someone like me, who by my own admission can manage a big to-do list efficiently.”

“After becoming parents, you realise it’s so easy to prioritise your child at the expense of neglecting each other,” she adds. “But checking in and being kind to one another, even in the hard times, makes parenting much more enjoyable. Once Paloma is in bed, we often have ‘wine time’. Date nights at home are something we’ve become really good at.”

Alongside making time for your partner is another piece of parenting advice that has stuck with Jasmine. When pregnant with Paloma, a fellow mum advised always getting dressed, no matter how busy life gets.

“It sounds so simple, but finding 15 minutes in the morning to get dressed and put on a little make-up makes a world of difference,” Jasmine says. “Yes, my hair is generally slicked back and my clothes are more mum-life friendly… but the therapy is in the doing.”

Since parenthood, Jasmine’s style hasn’t really changed. On maternity leave, she ‘lived in’ Toteme leggings and relied on her trusty trench to elevate the look. She can often be found scrolling for investment pieces online. In her basket at the moment? Saint Laurent statement earrings, The Row suiting, and anything Khaite.

“My love for a minimal colour palette has not waned, but my Napisan bill has certainly skyrocketed!” she jokes. “For the everyday, I rely on a handful of basics that I can easily mix and match. I pair them with sneakers or ballet flats, as we’re always on the go.”

“For Paloma, I love local brands such as Marlow and Mae, Printebabe, and for something special: Bonpoint.”

Since welcoming their first child together, Jasmine and Sam have been finding joy in the everyday moments, from beach days to their first holiday as a family of three. When asked what her favourite thing about motherhood is so far, Jasmine simply replies: “Unconditional love. Is there anything better?”