When you’re a busy mum, the last thing you need is a wardrobe meltdown to strike at the most inopportune time (which of course is naturally when they happen). Whether it’s the school run, a play in the park or heading into work, most of us want to walk out the door feeling and looking our best. A time crunch however, often derails this process and this is when we’re likely to end up wearing an outfit that doesn’t feel quite right. The solution? A little bit of prep and organisation to ensure your wardrobe is working for you. Adopting a few key strategies plus ensuring your closet is well stocked with the right pieces is often enough to diffuse many a sartorial crisis. Remember that an outfit is supposed to bring you confidence and help you feel your best, it’s not supposed to bring on more stress. So, here’s how to minimise any style dilemmas when you’re in a hurry and ensure that you walk out the door every single day looking on point.

Invest in quality basics

Basics really are the building blocks of a cohesive, wearable wardrobe. They are the anchors that tie an outfit together so it’s worth ensuring that your closet is well stocked with them. Think basics such as a relaxed white tee, a great pair of jeans, a button down shirt… these are the pieces that you can use to build a look easily when you’re in a rush. 

Organise your closet

If you are spending half your morning trying to locate things in your wardrobe it can make for a stressful start to the day. So, dial down the drama by taking the time to organise your closet. Purge the things you no longer wear/need (we’re looking at you, maternity jeans from 2017) and genuinely make space for the things you reach for day in, day out. 

Once you’ve cleared some space, take the time to implement a system that makes it easier to get dressed in the morning. Categorise your closet (think shirts with shirts and pants with pants) so you immediately know where to look when you’re after that striped button down shirt. Invest in organisation tools, whether it’s bins to help you organise the various sections in your wardrobe, or dividers to help you create different zones. Also, if you have room, iron all the pieces you’re likely to call upon so they’re always ready to go. 

Have a 10-outfit list

When you’re in a hurry, don’t know what you’re going to wear and a toddler that suddenly decides to upend the contents of a kitchen drawer on the floor, you won’t really have the time or headspace to plan a look. So, it’s a good idea to have a mental list of at least 10 outfits you can call upon in a mad rush. These are failsafe outfits that work all the time, so you can just get dressed on autopilot. Snap a pic of yourself wearing these outfits so you know exactly how to style them, right down to your shoes and accessories.

Plan your outfits

If time allows, take it to the next organisational level and plan your looks for the week ahead. A little bit of organisation will buy you some extra time in the morning. Mapping your outfits on the weekend (or any other day that works) for the week ahead including what pieces, shoes and accessories you’re wearing will mean you don’t have to come up with an outfit on the spot. It’s often those moments when you need to herd the kids out the door for school that it becomes difficult to actually come up with an outfit, and instead you end up reaching for the nearest thing you can find. And let’s be honest, a quick floordrobe outfit often doesn’t result in a look that makes you feel your very best.

Have an outfit inspiration folder

When you’re doing an Instagram scroll keep an eye out for outfits that you like and start saving them. Having a special folder dedicated to looks that resonate with you provides a great resource to call upon when you’ve got a sartorial dilemma on your hands and can’t quite nail down your ensemble.

By Tania Gomez