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Jaimee Lupton: A Journey of Resilience, Hope, and Compassion

Jaimee Lupton, co-founder of MONDAY Haircare and the visionary behind Gingernut's Angels, shares her journey navigating fertility struggles, loss, and the transformative power of giving back.

Jaimee’s roots trace back to a quaint farm nestled in Kumeu, a town on New Zealand’s North Island. Growing up surrounded by nature’s beauty, she found solace in the simplicity of rural life. “My childhood was filled with adventures,” she says. “Riding motorbikes with my sisters, exploring our farm surrounds—it was idyllic.”

From her parents—a hardworking social worker mother and a dedicated butcher father—Jaimee imbibed invaluable lessons in perseverance and compassion. “My parents instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of giving back,” shares Jaimee.

Parenthood was always a dream shared by Jaimee and her partner, Nick, both esteemed leaders in the business world. “We’ve always known we wanted to be parents. Even in my teens, I had a natural affinity for caregiving, always babysitting and nannying.”

However, their path to parenthood took an unexpected turn with fertility challenges and the arduous journey of IVF treatments. “Facing fertility struggles has been our biggest test of resilience,” she confides. “It taught us to relinquish control and embrace uncertainty—a huge learning for us.”

Jaimee has been incredibly brave through her journey and has remained very open about her experience in the hope to help others. In 2022, Jaimee and Nick experienced immense grief that no parent ever wants to experience; the loss of their daughter, Gingernut who was born prematurely—a devastating blow that shook their world to its core. Jaimee shares the profound impact of infant loss on her life and the ripple effects it has had on her journey. “Grief is an indescribable pain,” says Jaimee. “In sharing our story, I’ve found comfort in connecting with others who understand the depths of that sadness.”

Out of their personal tragedy emerged Gingernut’s Angels—a beacon of hope and compassion for couples grappling with infertility. “People have been so receptive to Gingernut’s Angels, which is a testament to the power of empathy and collective support,” she asserts. “Our goal is to ensure that finances don’t stand in the way of someone’s dream of starting a family.”

"Facing fertility struggles has been our biggest test of resilience. It taught us to relinquish control and embrace uncertainty—a huge learning for us."

Jaimee’s journey with Gingernut’s Angels began with a simple yet powerful realisation: the cost of fertility treatments should not be a barrier to parenthood. Through Gingernuts Angels, Jaimee aims to provide financial support to individuals and couples facing the daunting expenses of fertility treatments. “It breaks my heart to think that finances would be a barrier to someone getting their wish for a family,” she says. “I started Gingernut’s Angels to financially assist families whose fertility journey is not straightforward.”

As Gingernut’s Angels strives to raise funds and extend a helping hand to those in need, Jaimee emphasises the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in the grant application process. “Our mission is rooted in equity and compassion. While people can seek government funding for IVF in New Zealand, there are lots of hoops to jump through to get approved, long waiting periods and limits on things such as age and even weight.” Offering words of encouragement to others grappling with infertility, she urges them to hold onto hope and lean on their support systems. “You’re not alone in this journey,” she reassures. “Reach out, share your story, and know that there is strength in vulnerability.”

Jaimee, now 9 months pregnant with her second daughter, has embraced the joys and uncertainties of pregnancy after loss. With a mix of trepidation and excitement, she looks forward to the journey ahead, cherishing every moment of her pregnancy as a precious gift.


Beyond her role as a mother and budding philanthropist, Jaimee is a trailblazing entrepreneur, co-founding MONDAY Haircare—a haircare brand which launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2020 and is now in 38 countries, in 65,000 doors with more than 100 retailers, and is the #1 haircare brand on TikTok!

Reflecting on the brand’s journey, she attributes its success to a culture of transparency, collaboration, and unwavering dedication. “At MONDAY Haircare, we believe in the power of teamwork and innovation,” Jaimee affirms. “It’s this collective ethos that has pushed us to where we are today.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, she offers sage advice: “When it comes to beauty – or really any industry where women make up the core demographic – as a woman, your insights and opinions are invaluable. Don’t underestimate that. Being the person you are creating the product for is such a super power!”

Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship and impending motherhood, Jaimee places a premium on self-care and maintaining equilibrium between work and life. Despite the inevitable hurdles, her passion for her work remains unwavering, and she cherishes the opportunities it brings. “Achieving work-life balance is an ongoing journey for me, especially as I’ve been preparing for the arrival of the baby!” she shares. “I make it a point to carve out time for myself, whether it’s reconnecting with loved ones, indulging in a spa day, or engaging in Pilates. But I genuinely adore what I do, and it never feels like a chore. It may sound cliché, but it’s the truth!”

Jaimee’s journey exemplifies the remarkable resilience, empathy, and optimism that can emerge from adversity. Through Gingernut’s Angels, she has transformed personal tragedy into a source of support and comfort for others, offering unwavering compassion and hope. As she eagerly anticipates the future, Jaimee’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the indomitable strength inherent in the human spirit.

As for what she’s most looking forward to next?  “I’m eagerly anticipating (her) arrival, embracing the role of motherhood, and witnessing Nick’s transition into fatherhood,” Jaimee shares. “He has a fearless approach to any challenge, which I think will be his biggest strength!”

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Words by Courtney McIntosh