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Meet The Co-Founders Of Brillo Beauty, Leigh Campbell And Tegan Natoli

We met with Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli in Sydney to talk business, motherhood, and why balance is a myth created to make us feel inadequate.

Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli are the co-founders of Australia’s most loved pregnancy and postpartum beauty brand, Brillo Beauty. Friends, mothers, and business owners: Leigh and Tegan wear many different hats on the daily. 

With over 20 years’ experience as a beauty editor, Leigh is now Mamamia’s Executive Editor and co-host of the publication’s ‘You Beauty’ podcast. While Tegan co-founded Bump Day Spa, a luxury destination specialising in pre and post natal beauty services.

In 2022, Tegan pitched an idea to Leigh: to combine their knowledge of all things skin, business, and motherhood together to launch a modern beauty brand for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. At first, Leigh wasn’t convinced. She was “too busy and too tired” with other work and family commitments to juggle. 

But after reflecting on her own journey of motherhood, she soon realised there wasn’t a brand that spoke to her whilst pregnant. Instead, she cherry-picked from pharmacy brands and would have loved a stylish, effective range specially formulated for pregnancy during that time. So, Leigh decided she was all in, and Brillo Beauty was born. 

"When you go easy on yourself and realise you can have it all, just simultaneously, you learn to prioritise tasks each day - sometimes it’s family and sometimes it’s career.”

Tegan wears Bird & Knoll


Leigh wears Bird & Knoll

Designed to make the transition to pregnancy-safe skincare seamless, Brillo Beauty offers a wide range of premium products for pregnancy and postpartum. Housed in ultra-chic, sustainable packaging, signature products include a hydrating body butter, restorative body oil, and magnesium spray for soothing muscle aches and a better night’s sleep. 

Our favourite? The Balm. A fragrance-free salve designed to soothe and protect cracked nipples, chapped lips, and dry cuticles. Every product comes with a clever reusable wash bag, which doubles up as a nappy pouch once your little one arrives.

“With Brillo Beauty, we wanted to take the guesswork out of what you can and can’t use while still delivering premium body care solutions for women, no matter where they are in their motherhood journey,” Tegan tells The Inarra

“We have learnt a lot. Leigh and I are so used to being experienced in our fields that this was a really new experience,” she continues. “We were absolute beginners, which was extremely difficult at times.”


Tegan and Leigh wear Bird & Knoll


Tegan and Leigh wear Bird & Knoll

Juggling a new business with motherhood can be challenging. Leigh is mother to son Alexander, while Tegan has three children: twin girls, Indiana and Samara, and a son called Banjo.  

Balance is a myth created to make mothers feel inadequate. It does not exist,” Leigh says. “When you go easy on yourself and realise you can have it all, just simultaneously, you learn to prioritise tasks each day – sometimes it’s family and sometimes it’s career.”

“But through the drudgery and monotony of motherhood comes the desire for a release – to use creativity and ‘grown-up’ skills that can feel pushed aside by the demand of parenting,” she continues. “Career and business while raising young children is definitely a juggle, but as the saying goes, if you want something done well and quickly, give it to a busy mum.”  

Of course, motherhood not only has a profound influence on the skin products in our bathroom cabinet, but the clothes hanging in our wardrobe too – something Tegan and Leigh know all too well.

Motherhood has unfortunately meant that I have way less time to even think about my personal style!” Tegan says. “I certainly veer towards comfort and practicality. My activewear definitely gets a workout (even if I don’t actually work out!)” 

“I also wear a lot of Showpo. The price points are great if you’d like to mix a few trend-driven items in with classic basics.”

Leigh adds: “I almost exclusively buy things that are machine-washable now. I’m drawn to classic, comfy styles that I can run around in, but still look relatively put together. I don’t buy designer bags anymore but like to splurge on higher-end flat shoes.”

“I live in ONTE knits in winter and love their dresses under a trench when the weather can’t make its mind up. They’re an amazing Aussie brand and the quality is great.”

Since launching Brillo Beauty, the business has gone from strength to strength, with products sold online and in select stores across Australia. So, what’s their advice for women hoping to launch their own business one day?   

“You need a lot of patience and to be willing to roll your sleeves up and embrace, do, and know all the jobs within the business from the ground up,” Tegan says. “The process can take quite a lot of time, so choose something you are passionate about or willing to learn more about, because your business really does become another baby… It totally depends on you.”

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By Danielle Fowler | Photography by Kaitlyn Bosnjak