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How Robe Haircare Is Empowering Women With Postpartum Hair Loss

We sat down with Lauren to learn more about the inspirational story behind the business and her advice for mothers with postpartum hair loss.

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Lauren Mackellar rose to meteoric heights as one of Australia’s most renowned hairstylists. A talented colourist, cutter, and stylist, Lauren earned an impressive celebrity client base with names Zoë Foster Blake, Nat Kelley, Mavournee Hazel, and Olympia Valance on speed dial. Lauren’s work also reached international acclaim, with her name against glossy editorial shoots starring the likes of Dua Lipa and Alicia Keys.   

Throughout her career, Lauren saw women from all walks of life sit in the salon chair and apologise for a range of hair concerns, from hair loss and frizz to heat damage. “I developed an extremely loyal client base of amazing women,” Lauren tells The Inarra. “I witnessed them go through various milestone stages of their lives, from getting married and having babies to experiencing menopause and various other health issues.”

“I observed firsthand the impact that changes in a client’s hair had on their self-esteem,” she continues. “When they sought my advice on which products to use to improve their hair’s condition, I felt frustrated because I lacked confidence in recommending anything suitable, as there was nothing on the market that I felt met their needs.”

A large majority of Lauren’s clients needed more than the products on the shelves could offer to address underlying issues caused by pregnancy and menopause. After identifying a gap in the market, Lauren decided to formulate her own line of active hair essentials, taking inspiration from ayurvedic philosophies and Chinese medicine.

In her twenties, Lauren experienced stress-related hair loss and discovered Chinese medicine practices enhanced her hair health and growth. “Although sourcing these ingredients was often challenging, I made it my goal to develop a haircare range incorporating these remarkable ingredients to make them easily accessible to everyone who needed them,” she reflects. “I want to empower individuals to take control of their hair health and reignite a love for their hair.” 

But during the research process, Lauren received a devastating cancer diagnosis, which required emergency treatment. “I stopped hairdressing to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. I was told that the diagnosis meant I could no longer continue my career in hairdressing,” Lauren says. 

“Whilst undergoing treatment, I kept working on Robe, and despite the challenges, I was grateful to have the business to focus on. I dedicated all of the energy I could muster to it. For me, having something to concentrate on was important in my recovery, as I strongly believed that these products could be life-changing for some people.” 

“I think the fact that I was able to use the products I have designed to combat hair loss during my own cancer treatment, and successfully regrow my hair (despite being told that my hair loss would be permanent), speaks volumes to the efficacy of the product."

Robe Haircare Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic


Robe Haircare Lengthening Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment

After three years in development, Robe Haircare launched in June 2023 with a small collection of topical solutions for all hair types. According to Lauren, what sets the brand apart from other leading haircare companies is the products’ proven long-term benefits, from tackling hair loss and slow growth to frizz. 

“I think the fact that I was able to use the products I have designed to combat hair loss during my own cancer treatment, and successfully regrow my hair (despite being told that my hair loss would be permanent), speaks volumes to the efficacy of the product,” Lauren adds.  

Every formula in the Robe Haircare range is informed by Lauren’s extensive research and designed to tackle common hair concerns caused by stress and hormonal changes. One of the most exciting launches is The Tonic, a revolutionary scalp health treatment designed to stimulate hair growth – a popular product for women suffering from postpartum hair loss. 

“Drawing from my experience as a hairdresser, I understood that a healthy scalp forms the foundation for robust hair growth,” Lauren explains. “I dedicated a lot of time to researching and learning about herbs and plants renowned for boosting scalp circulation – a crucial aspect in enhancing hair health.”

“I took into consideration the concerns of expectant or new mothers regarding synthetic ingredients and ensured that all ingredients are natural and safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding,” she continues. “My goal was to ensure I created a product that everyone felt comfortable using, from pregnant women through to people like me undertaking chemotherapy and radiation.”

It’s estimated that half of mothers experience postpartum hair loss. During pregnancy, oestrogen levels increase, causing hair to feel thicker and fuller. Shortly after giving birth, hormone levels drop to or below the usual baseline, which can lead to postpartum hair loss. 

As someone who has experienced hair loss, Lauren wanted to create products that support women throughout their journey and is keen to share her advice for those struggling.

“You are not alone in this experience. Many women go through postpartum hair loss. Be kind to yourself during this period,” she advises. “Look for products specifically designed to address hair loss with natural ingredients to nourish and strengthen hair follicles. Remember, hair loss is temporary, and with patience and the right care, you can regain healthy, vibrant hair.” 

In less than a year, Robe Haircare has swiftly become known as one of Australia’s leading active haircare brands and is now stocked in salons across the country, with plans to expand the range to include ingestible solutions soon.  

“My biggest goal is to keep developing products that will help to improve the relationship people have with their hair,” Lauren says. “I have so many ideas for products that I would love to create, but you’ll just have to stay tuned!”

“My proudest moments are when I read an email from a customer thanking me for creating a product that has helped them to love their hair again. I feel like I’m living my purpose and that everything I’ve been through was worth it.”

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Words by Danielle Fowler

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