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RECIETY And JINEU Collaborate To Bring Timeless, Vintage Fashion For Kids

Vintage kids' fashion that not only makes them the coolest kids on the block but also supports a greener planet.

In an exciting collaboration rooted in a shared passion for circular and timeless treasures, RECIETY and JINEU have unveiled their latest collection for young fashion enthusiasts. This partnership, marking the second instalment of the RECIETY Residency, presents a curated selection of eight unisex vintage and pre-loved outfits designed for children aged six months to six years.

The collection boasts an array of classic pieces, including vintage Levi’s denim, nostalgic corduroy garments, items from Comme des Garçons, Converse shoes, Hunter boots, and more. Each piece is carefully selected to offer a blend of style and sustainability.


RECIETY, a platform renowned for its expertly curated pre-loved, vintage, and archive fashion, was founded by stylist and brand consultant Jessica Steuart-Hoyler. The platform emphasises the beauty and value of timeless fashion pieces, making high-quality vintage clothing accessible to a wider audience.

JINEU, founded in 2019 by Justine Nobels, specialises in seasonless vintage and pre-loved fashion for children. Nobels began sourcing and collecting clothes for her family and friends in Belgium, which eventually evolved into the JINEU brand known today for its unique and thoughtful curation.

To celebrate this collaboration, RECIETY and JINEU are offering free shipping within Australia, making it even easier for parents to dress their little ones in stylish, sustainable fashion.

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Reciety @reciety
Photography by Anne Peeters