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Do You Want To Shop Global Collections Straight From The Runway, Right From Your Lounge Room?

Fashion insider Isabel Bazzani shares her luxury sourcing secrets and introduces, the world's first digital lookbook where anyone can shop like a VIP.

Isabel Bazzani has spent the last eight years immersed in the exclusive world of digital personal shopping and fashion sourcing. Operating between London and Paris, she’s collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands, catering to high-net-worth clients on a global scale.  

With her finger on the pulse in the luxury fashion space, she recently launched a new digital lookbook platform,, that allows her clients to preview exclusive collections, otherwise inaccessible to the public. We sat down with Isabel to hear about her journey to success and what led to her biggest career venture yet. 

From a young age, Isabel has loved all things creative. Born in Melbourne, she always envisioned pursuing a career in luxury fashion. “It’s a creative form intertwined with everyday life,” Isabel tells The Inarra. “With luxury, you have an attention to detail, history, quality, and craftsmanship.” After graduating from RMIT University, Isabel moved to London and within two weeks, she secured a role as a personal shopper at Net-A-Porter, curating wardrobes for high-profile clients including royals, billionaires, and CEOs.

“My role involved everything from styling and securing pieces straight off the runway post-fashion week to hosting exclusive events and arranging special made-to-order items,” she reflects. During this time and still unknown to most, the personal shopping space was slowly beginning to take off and Isabel witnessed explosive growth in fashion sourcing services worldwide. 

After several years spent honing her craft at Net-A-Porter, Isabel craved a new challenge. She set her sights on the capital of luxury fashion: Paris. There, she played a pivotal role in the in-house sourcing concierge services for LVMH’s 24S and Farfetch.

The fashion sourcing industry continued to boom during this period, and Isabel happened to be in the right place at the right time,  procuring pieces  for her own clients. Sourcing is when clients request items they cannot access. The products are secured by a personal shopper  and delivered directly to the client. Having established strong relationships with luxury  fashion brands, Isabel was receiving previews of new collections from sales associates worldwide on a daily basis  – often before collections even launched. 

“We would share this content with our clients,” Isabel reflects. “As soon as it went out, we would get a flood of requests and orders for these pieces.”

“We created our platform to showcase an abundance of photo content of new collections dropping all over the world directly to our clients. There was a growing interest from clients to see what they could order from different markets, including pieces they might not see in their own regions or online.”

Leveraging her extensive experience and global connections, Isabel launched her eponymous platform,, in January 2024. “It’s essentially a digital lookbook showcasing real-time photo content of collections launching worldwide, some SKUs may never reach certain markets.” The platform allows members to shop like VIPs through Isabel’s global fashion sourcing service. Members can browse collections directly from their phones and send requests to Isabel’s team.

“We created our platform to showcase an abundance of photo content of new collections dropping all over the world directly to our clients,” Isabel says. “There was a growing interest from clients to see what they could order from different markets, including pieces they might not see in their own regions or online.”

“We’ve received amazing feedback, especially from clients in markets where luxury stores are few to none,” she adds. One of Isabel’s Australian clients mentioned how she loves seeing all the vibrant and colourful collections available from Chanel and Dior in Europe, as the selection in the southern hemisphere tends to be more monotone.  

A brand’s complete collection is rarely available in one market. offers members exclusive access to a full range with her expert team of sourcing agents working across key cities – even sourcing some items that are not available in fashion capitals. “Recently, we tracked down a pink Chanel beach bag in Asia that never arrived in Europe, the US, or the Middle East.” 

Her team also works closely with brands to offer members pre-orders and limited-edition pieces. Recently, they secured the latest colours of the wait-list-only Bottega Veneta Andiamo bag, which sold out before launch. “A satisfying part of the job is securing those one-of-a-kind pieces,” Isabel says. “For example, the Dior Vespa Scooter or designing a made-to-order Fendi Crocodile Peekaboo bag. Then you have Haute Couture, which is an experience of its own, collaborating with the brand and client to create a truly unique look.”

Isabel tells THE INARRA that the most requested brands for the moment are Chanel, Miu Miu, and Loewe, with a directional pull towards quiet luxury items from Loro Piana and The Row. The team behind work hard to prioritise authenticity when procuring items, with each piece originating directly from the brand source. “We quality check every piece immediately after sourcing,” Isabel explains. “Before sending any item to clients, we ensure it undergoes rigorous inspection to guarantee it’s in perfect condition.”

 “We have designed the platform to be as simple and seamless as possible, ensuring clients can easily browse items and send requests directly from the images they’re viewing,” she continues. “We prioritise a hassle-free experience, handling everything from A to Z. Once a client expresses interest in an item, we take care of the rest, addressing any queries they may have and providing comprehensive information and insights into the product.”

Working and living in Paris has had a profound influence on Isabel, who finds inspiration in everyday life. “I’m so grateful to be in a city with lots of galleries, museums, and incredible exhibitions,” she says. “That’s what inspires me the most.” The pastime not only influenced her work but has significantly shaped her style with a new love for vintage clothing.   “There is such a strong influence here with vintage fashion. The style feels creative and individual and less focused on trends,” Isabel explains. “As much as the city is at the forefront of everything new, it’s also rich in history and a place where older collections are revisited and experimented with. This is something that has impacted my style since the days of living in Melbourne and London.” 

A long time in the making, is set to change the face of the luxury fashion market, and Isabel has found joy and gratitude in the journey. “The process of founding the brand has been so rewarding, from conceiving the idea and putting it into motion to the launch,” she says. “The most rewarding part has been seeing clients actively engage with the platform, hearing their positive feedback, and knowing that we’re contributing to the evolving landscape of the digital space.” 

“I’m proud of the jumps my team and I have made, and we are excited to share the platform with the world.” costs $20AUD a month or $220AUD for an annual subscription. Isabel has kindly offered THE INARRA readers their first month free.

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Words by Danielle Fowler | Photography by Alexandre Soldak