In 2020, Summer Sun Label emerged from the creative mind of Emilie Sharp-Lebrun, a brand born out of a mother’s desire to blend fashion, comfort, and sun protection for kids. Inspired by the lively energy her children exhibited around water, Emilie set out to design the perfect springsuit that not only shielded little ones from the sun and cold water but did so in a vibrant spectrum of colors.

Fast forward to 2022, and Belinda Luther joins forces with Summer Sun Label. Both Emilie and Belinda, residing with their families in the scenic Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, infuse their designs with the coastal charm and youthful exuberance of their surroundings.

“Our wetsuits prioritise comfort and protection, whether your little groms are exploring the ocean, creek, pool, slipping and sliding, or enjoying the backyard sprinkler,” says Emilie. The brand is on a mission to create cherished pieces that become an integral part of a child’s journey – durable enough to be passed down to siblings or friends.

Summer Sun Label clothing is 100% Organic GOTS cotton with sizing starting from a size 2. Wetsuits that are made from a sustainably sourced natural rubber starts from a  Size 0 -1. Each piece is a testament to the joy of childhood, outdoor play, and creating lasting memories under the warm embrace of the sun.

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