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Meke Baby

Mekė Baby Milk Warmer



Bottle warmers are great, but how do you serve warm breast or bottle milk to your baby when out and about? Meke makes it simple and is such a great parenting hack for busy parents. It’s a portable, rechargeable bottle designed to store and heat warm breastmilk or formula without fuss. All you need to do is pour in your breastmilk, pre-made formula or water, set to your preferred temperature (it goes up to 50 degrees celsius) and once hot enough a tone will sound. Then pour into your baby’s bottle and serve. Easy. Meke Baby Milk Warmer will keep your liquid of choice warm for up to nine hours, alternatively you can use the warmer to heat for approximately 4-5 cycles. It can be cleaned with warm soapy, then sterilised with boiling water.