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Jamu Massage Package



Post Natal Binding, Wrapping and Jamu Massage have been part of the Chinese, Hindu , Indonesian and Malay cultures for centuries.

Jamu massage is different from any other massage – it’s specifically designed to provide post birth care for mothers. The techniques focus on recovery after childbirth by moving blood clots and improving the body’s blood circulation. The term ‘Jamu’ also covers the use of traditional herbs and plants that are applied to the abdominal area under all the bandages and wraps. It encompasses the complete ritual of the experience – physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing after birth. The techniques also aim to keep the body very warm which can lead to faster healing after birth. This is also the aim of nutritious ‘confinement’ food for the first three months post childbirth.

Jamu is also referred to as Bengkung belly binding, postpartum care, abdominal binding and wrapping, and traditional Malay abdominal binding. The family descends upon the mother as soon as she gets home for her “confinement period” – a time to stay home and care for mother and baby.

A wonderful gift for any new mother!