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Milk To Meals Recipe Book



Milk to Meals is a beautiful hardcover book containing almost 300 pages. It is packed with insights and tips on making the transition from ‘milk’ to ‘meals’ one of ease and fun, whilst knowing you will be setting up your baby’s eating habits and delicate digestive system the best way possible.

Nourishing the first 24 months has a profound impact on a child’s health and eating habits in the future. Nutritionally speaking, these are the most impressionable years of life and it’s critical to understand which nutrients your little one needs for optimal growth – this is where we step in!

‘Milk to Meals’ will be your guide every step of the way, providing evidence based information regarding transitioning from mama’s milk, advice on choosing a feeding method to suit your family, navigating the top allergenic foods, which nutrients to focus on to meet your baby’s nutritional needs and when to incorporate certain foods in their diet in the most mindful way.