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The INS Wearable Breast Pump



The Ins Breastpump is the little sister to the Embody, Youha’s cult wearable, cord-free breastpump, designed to give women freedom and flexibility to pump comfortably, wherever they are. Rather than using a traditional pump that holds you hostage and requires a power plug, you can charge The Ins via the USB cable, put it in your bra, press the power button and get on with your day. Super comfortable to wear, it fits snugly onto your breast and the soft silicone cup protects the nipple, with no painful pulling. The Ins is super efficient and gets the job done without the need for cords, tubes and dangling bottles. Depending on your supply, the pumping can take 5-20 minutes, and once you’re finished, simply pour out the milk into a milk bag.