When it comes to jobs, there’s only one that requires you to be available 24/7 while wearing many and varied hats including nurse, chef, chauffeur, entertainer, counsellor, cleaner… and the list goes on. Being a mum is hard. So hard. So, it’s no wonder that there are so many mums out there that are burnt out and feeling exhausted both physically and emotionally every single day. This is why prioritising self-care should be a non-negotiable of every mum’s routine. Making appointments for self-care (much like a doctor’s appointment or haircut) should be a priority. There is of course privilege in being able to do this, with money, time and support considerations to factor in, but as much as possible if you have the means, it’s the one thing you can do to really nourish yourself and ensure you recharge your batteries. Here are a few effective ways to embrace a little self-care (and no, showering doesn’t count!) into your day to truly optimise your ‘me’ time.

Catch up with a friend

Nothing nourishes the soul like catching up with a friend. Whether it’s chatting over a glass of wine or a walk and talk date with coffees in hand, aim to always have a planned outing with a friend on the horizon.

Move your body

There’s an extensive body of research that essentially says that exercise is a mandatory for long term good health. So, pick something you love doing to ensure you commit to including some movement into your day. Go for a walk, sign up to a boxing class or stream a home workout. The most important thing is just to move.

Get your beauty on

A face mask, a swipe of your favourite lipstick, or really taking the time to indulge in your skincare routine… embracing all things beauty is such a wonderful way to embrace self-care.

Book yourself in for a massage

A heavenly hour (or more if you’re lucky) to enjoy a massage has got to be one of the best ways to top up your self-care bank account.

Enjoy a coffee (or other beverage) uninterrupted

How many days a week are you able to enjoy drinking your coffee while it’s still hot and uninterrupted? Having the time to sit, sip and just be still has to be one of the best ways to fill your cup in a small way on a daily basis.

Eat your favourite dish

Eating triggers an endorphin release in the brain, so it’s time to indulge in your favourite dish. Whatever your fave food might be, treating your taste buds to something you absolutely love to eat is a great way to lift your mood.

Go to bed early

We know that there’s Netflix shows to be binged, and kid-free time to be enjoyed at night, but it might be a good idea to instead treat yourself to a few extra zzzzs a few times a week. Sleep is the prime time for the body to heal and rejuvenate itself so tucking yourself into bed earlier will do your mind and body wonders.

Dance like no one’s watching

Dancing offers a range of benefits including improving mood and reducing stress levels. So, it’s time to fire up your favourite song on Spotify and let loose. The kids may even want to join you in the process!

Listen to a podcast

There’s an endless array of podcasts to enjoy out there — from subjects so utterly yet enjoyably niche, to interviews with people that should be on your radar to some that will make you laugh non-stop. It’s a great way to take a break and lose yourself in something other than the daily grind, plus it pairs well with other activities, such as going for a walk or soaking in a bath.

Write a ta-da list

The opposite of a to-do list, the ta-da list is all about noting down the things you’ve done. When you become a parent, it’s often easy to focus on the things you feel you’re not accomplishing, that it’s easy to forget the things you have. So, it’s time to be your own cheerleader and write down all the things you have achieved lately, big or small. There’s something about seeing your achievements written down that serves as a great reminder of how far you’ve come.

By Tania Gomez