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Amanda Cordony

Amanda Cordony Has The Healthy Recipes Your Family Will Love

We spoke to Amanda, Food Editor for Australian House & Garden magazine, about her career journey in the food space, her kitchen staples, and her top tips for mothers who want to incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

At just 22 years old, Amanda Cordony opened her own delicatessen-come-café-come-catering business. With some in-deli experience and a couple of years of study under her belt, she was hungry with ambition and a true hard worker. Still, she admitted she was “a little in over my head”. 

“I built up the business working six to seven days a week, long hours, and I wasn’t great at delegation,” says Amanda. “I soon realised that if I wanted to start a family I would have to sell the business, so after seven years of trading, I hung up my boots and settled into family life.”

When her children, Sara and Xavier, were babies, Amanda put her business hat back on and started catering from home. “I loved it but I found it hard to balance catering on the weekends and not being with my family,” she says. During the pandemic, she pivoted into meal box deliveries, which were a hit. 

Now, Amanda has hit the sweet spot. She posts nutritious recipes to her social media account @thecordonykitchen (which she has been doing for six years) and creates eBooks, focusing on easy dinner ideas for weeknights. Her speciality is her one-tray, one-pot recipes. She also shares her recipes on a larger scale as Food Editor for the Australian House & Garden magazine.

“The most rewarding aspect of what I do is knowing that The Cordony Kitchen plays a significant role in people’s weekly dinners,’ says Amanda. “It brings me immense joy to see that the community I have built relies on their Cordony Kitchen family favourites and shares them with their loved ones.”

Amanda makes sure her kitchen is always stocked with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, spices and fresh herbs from the garden. “These ingredients greatly enhance the flavours of our dishes and are frequently used,” she says. She also always has containers of her homemade chicken broth in the freezer.

“Take some time to write down what meals you plan to make for the upcoming week, and then allocate a couple of hours on the weekend to focus on meal prepping. Make double batches, freeze the extras and have them readily available for busy days when you don’t have time to cook from scratch.”
Amanda Cordony
Amanda Cordony

Mealtimes at Amanda’s revolve around protein-rich foods and vegetables. “Our mornings begin with a fruit and yoghurt shake, which incorporates additional vegetables or avocado for the kids, or scrambled eggs on sourdough,” she says. “I prioritise fibre and essential nutrients in our diet for lunch and dinner.”

Although Amanda has implemented a healthy eating approach at home, she is a firm believer in ‘everything in moderation’. “We indulge in the ‘sometimes’ foods and treats to keep the kids happy,” she says. “I encourage others to listen to what their body needs and craves.”

Amanda knows that being a mother is busy and incorporating healthy habits into everyday life isn’t always easy. Her advice is to meal prep.

“Take some time to write down what meals you plan to make for the upcoming week, and then allocate a couple of hours on the weekend to focus on meal prepping,” she says. “Make double batches, freeze the extras and have them readily available for busy days when you don’t have time to cook from scratch.”

Her go-to recipes for meal prepping are bolognese, lasagna, chicken broth, meatballs, casseroles and curries. “And don’t forget about snacks!” she says. “Having prepared snacks available will help you avoid reaching for unhealthy options. Consider keeping hummus and veggie sticks ready for quick and nutritious snacking.”

While meal prepping is a great way to ensure children eat healthy, nutritious meals, kids can be unpredictable. “Dealing with fussy eaters can be a challenge, especially when preparing family meals or lunch boxes,” says Amanda. 

“One strategy to overcome fussy eating is to get creative with your cooking. My seven-year-old, Xavier, suddenly decided that he no longer liked sandwiches. I started making pinwheels instead. I use a rolling pin to flatten the bread slices and add his favourite fillings. I roll up the bread tightly and cut it into bite-sized pieces or pinwheels. He now eats pinwheels!”

Amanda Cordony
Amanda Cordony

Not only is the kitchen the place where Amanda cooks delicious, wholesome recipes to nourish her family and friends, but it is also a “safe space” where her family come together. “Nothing holds greater importance to me than the precious moments spent with my family around the table at the end of the day,” she says. “Sara and Xavier chat about their day – the good, bad and the in-between – and it’s time for us, as parents, to listen and support.” 

Amanda says her perspective of the world has changed since becoming a mother. “I want to raise well-rounded children who have the ability to navigate life’s challenges without being overwhelmed by external noise,” she says. “I want them to discover the power of listening to their inner selves and their hearts for guidance rather than relying solely on their minds. My hope for my children is to find full fulfilment.”

Between meal prepping, sharing recipes and supporting her family, Amanda remedies chaos of everyday life by embracing simplicity in the form of vinyasa yoga and breathwork. “I make it a priority to incorporate breathwork into my routine,” she says. “Whether it’s finding a quiet moment in the shower, in my backyard, or even during the school pick-up, I take the time to reconnect with my breath. It brings me a sense of calmness and energy.”

At the top of Amanda’s wish list right now is a Paloma Sun Hat from Lack Of Colour. 

Career-wise, 2024 brings new opportunities and continues to inspire her community with fresh new recipes. Amanda will be planning a trip to explore and be inspired by the Italian food scene with her family trip to Italy in June. She will return with Italian summer-inspired cooking events and courses towards the end of 2024. If you want to keep in touch with her cooking workshops, please subscribe here –


Words by Ellie Wiseman | Photography by Kaitlyn Bosnjak

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