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Berthi Redefines

Berthi Redefines The Narrative Of Postpartum Style

Berthi, a revolutionary postpartum fashion brand, has launched in Australia this week.

Berthi, a new Australian brand to hit the market, aims to transform the postpartum narrative, shedding light on a journey that deserves recognition, celebration, and a wardrobe designed to adapt to every moment, be it beautiful, messy, or magical.

Sophie Walton, the founder of Berthi, identified a crucial gap in the market for clothing and products tailored specifically for the postpartum experience. Reflecting on the motivation behind Berthi, Sophie says, “I firmly believe that in the midst of unconditional love for our newborns, our identity and well-being as mothers are equally valuable and deserve attention.”

Berthi’s garments are meticulously crafted to empower modern mothers, catering to the changing and unique needs of postpartum bodies. Each piece is made from 100% organic cotton, reflecting Berthi’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. The garments are not only soft and breathable but also eco-friendly, aligning with Berthi’s dedication to showing Mother Earth some love.


From the Stella Feeding Shirt with invisible breastfeeding zips to the Lou Feeding Dress and Stella Transition Shorts with an adjustable waistband, Berthi ensures that new mothers can feel confident as their bodies evolve. A standout piece, The Berthi Gown, is designed in consultation with Emergency Doctors and offers the trifecta of postpartum elegance: safety, style, and comfort.

As mothers-to-be, we put so much focus on birth, that postpartum often gets overlooked. In reality this is a crucial time when mothers need most support. Berthi is changing this narrative and we couldn’t be happier! 

Berthi is now available online at