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Talitha Cummins

Talitha Cummins: Crafting Jewellery, Balancing Motherhood, and Navigating Sobriety

Talitha Cummins sat down with us to delve into her multifaceted life journey, from a successful career in TV journalism to now an esteemed jeweller and founder of The Cut Jewellery, as well as balancing motherhood and her journey of sobriety.

After a thriving career as a TV journalist, Talitha Cummins has made a bold leap into the world of fine jewellery. The transition wasn’t just a career shift; it has been a journey of self-discovery. Talitha’s path to jewellery design began with her role as a stay-at-home mum, providing a nurturing environment for her son, Oliver (7) and daughter, Riley (4). 

“It was a special time in my life being able to be home to raise my kids when they were younger. But my brain was always ticking over in search of what was next career wise” she said. This search led her back to a previous stint in the jewellery industry and a call from her uncle, a veteran with 50 years in the business. This family connection opened the door to launching The Cut Jewellery, a venture involving not just Talitha but also her uncle Craig and cousin Kara.

The collaboration has proved to be an enriching experience, bringing the second generation into the world of jewellery creation. “I suppose Uncle Craig is nearing the end of his career and he doesn’t want his decades of hard work to be wasted. There’s a real sense of him passing the baton to his daughter Kara and myself – the second generation ready to take it on. It’s a very involved industry and there’s a lot to learn.”

Talitha emphasises the unique strengths that each family member brings to the business, describing Kara as an excellent designer with a keen eye for incredible pieces and Craig as an innovator, always pushing the business forward.

“It has been one of the best experiences of my life…Becoming closer to my uncle Craig and Kara, and I think we all bring different qualities. “I’m selling happiness now. I’m getting to know these people and hear about their lives. The journalist in me will never die in that way. Always curious.”

"I’m selling happiness now. I’m getting to know these people and hear about their lives. The journalist in me will never die in that way. Always curious."
Talitha Cummins
Talitha Cummins

One distinctive feature of The Cut Jewellery is its commitment to ethical luxury. Talitha shares a pivotal moment during their visit to the GIA in London, where they compared a mined diamond to a lab-grown one. The realisation that both were chemically, physically, and optically identical, with the only difference being their origin, inspired the ethos of The Cut Jewellery. The brand’s emphasis on lab-grown diamonds reflects not only a commitment to quality but also a dedication to minimising the environmental impact of the jewellery industry.

“While we were in the laboratory in London at the GIA – they handed us a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond and told us to use a microscope to tell them apart. We couldn’t… They are chemically, physically, and optically the same.”

“The same product, made of the same material, without the human and environmental toll of mining and a significantly lower price point. A business was born that day.” Talitha says. 

Talitha Cummins
Talitha Cummins

Talitha’s journey involves not just professional shifts but also significant personal milestones, including her remarkable 11 years of sobriety. She shares with THE INARRA the transformative nature of this journey, describing it as “peeling back the layers of an onion.” Sobriety, for Talitha, is a superpower that has allowed her to sit with her feelings and develop resilience.

“It’s been like peeling back the layers of an onion. We use alcohol to ‘fill the gaps, the silence, the grief, the uncomfortable feelings and get to a point where we lose ourselves. I now view sobriety as my superpower.” 

“Sobriety often involves a transformative process. Not drinking alcohol is the easier part of sobriety. Sitting with the feelings is the real challenge. That’s where the work is. That’s where the growth happens.”

As a prominent voice in discussions around sobriety, Talitha expressed a deep sense of compulsion to share her story and in 2016, Talitha candidly shared her sobriety journey with Australian Story. “It’s hard to explain – I really felt so compelled to tell my story… Australian Story was a cathartic process and I still receive messages today from people who say they have watched it and felt impacted.”

For women contemplating giving up alcohol, Talitha offers understanding and encouragement. She acknowledges the challenges, stating, “Some nights I want a large glass of wine! I don’t judge anyone for their drinking because I truly understand.” However, she emphasised the reward of connection and peace that comes with giving up alcohol. 

“I don’t judge anyone for their drinking because I truly understand. However having a crutch saps you of truly getting to know yourself and being yourself.”

Balancing a high-profile career, motherhood, and a new business venture is undoubtedly demanding, but Talitha maintains a sense of balance through non-negotiable daily rituals. Exercise, including weightlifting and short runs, is a cornerstone of her routine. Box breathing, a technique involving controlled inhalation and exhalation, helps manage stress and bring presence back to her body. She has also made dietary adjustments, cutting out sugar to maintain balance in her life.

“Yes, it’s a busy life! Exercise is a non-negotiable for me. I need it 5-6 times a week. I feel like if I have exercised, I can do anything.”

Simplicity is a cornerstone of Talitha’s life philosophy. Amidst the chaos of life, she and her family have intentionally created a simple life they love. Nippers on Sunday mornings, family swims, and Acai bowls on the beach exemplify the joy derived from these simple pleasures. Talitha and her husband recognise when the other is tired, providing support and taking care of the kids for the day. Individual pursuits and occasional getaways with friends contribute to the family’s well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Talitha is looking forward to personal growth through her business and life. The unknown excites her, embodying the spirit of a woman who embraces challenges and embraces the journey ahead.

“I’m looking forward to personal growth through my business and life over the next 12 months. I love the unknown of where the next 12 months will take us. That excites me.

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