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Jess Smouha On Empowering Mothers To Nourish Their Bodies

We sat down with Jess from Made For Mothers to talk about feeding your body during pregnancy and beyond

Jess Smouha is a mother, nutritionist and owner of Made for Mothers. She and her husband Charlie live happily in Palm Beach with their two daughters, Bonnie and Stevie – whom Jess affectionately refers to as her “little best friends” – and their dog, George.

Jess loves watching her girls grow into “kind people who are holding their own” and hopes to “instil strong values in them like determination, compassion and respect.”

“I read something recently that was all about how you react to your children at this stage in their life is going to determine how much they’re going to tell you in that next stage of life,” says Jess. “I don’t want them to feel like they ever have to hide anything from me. I want them to be able to come up to me in the kitchen and tell me what’s on their mind then and there.”

The kitchen is where Jess’s girls will often find her because cooking is a big part of her life. She grew up wanting to be a clinical nutritionist and was always advising friends and family on how they can optimise their wellness through food.

“Falling pregnant is just the beginning of a whole new journey and a time when mothers need to feel most empowered. If women aren’t being empowered and supported when they are new mothers, what hope does that provide for the rest of their journey ahead?”

Jess wears Solaqua dress.


Jess wears All The Remains dress.


Jess wears Solaqua robe.

When Bonnie and Stevie were babies, Jess began studying nutrition. With a passion for wellness and burgeoning expertise in women’s nutritional health, she quickly noticed that many mothers weren’t prioritising their diets because they were time-poor, and were suffering because of it.

“No matter how many supplement pills you take, if your diet isn’t well-balanced and nutritious, you are always going to feel depleted and low on energy,” Jess says.

“Falling pregnant is just the beginning of a whole new journey and a time when mothers need to feel most empowered. If women aren’t being empowered and supported when they are new mothers, what hope does that provide for the rest of their journey ahead?”

Jess’s passion for sourcing the best quality foods and marrying flavours meant she could properly nourish her body during and after her pregnancy. To avoid nutritional depletion, her advice for mothers is to have a well-rounded, enjoyable meal. 

“If you feel good after eating, you know it’s full of the right stuff!” she says. “And eat greens with breaky! We sauté kale and broccoli in some olive oil in the morning – it’s very easy, delicious, and sets you up for the day.”

Jess also recommends that women have a blood test every six to twelve months after giving birth, despite how well they feel. “I learned that you’re supposed to leave a three-year gap between babies because that’s how long it takes to feel completely normalised in your hormones,” she says.

Jess’s expertise in nutrition and experience nourishing herself during pregnancy sparked an idea: she wanted to “create something that was accessible, empowering and supportive to mothers”.

The seed of an idea evolved organically into a business, Made for Mothers – handcrafted broths made from organic produce and packed to the brim with nutrients. Each jar of broth is lovingly made with nature’s finest botanicals and plant foods – an elixir that promises to rebuild and replenish.

Jess soft-launched MFM before her youngest, Bonnie, started school. Once both girls were at school full-time, she moved into her commercial kitchen where things really took off.

“It was a very easy process for me as I had been making these recipes for so long and family and friends loved them, so it very much just felt like a natural progression,” she explains.

If she had to choose, Jess’s favourite MFM broth is the Immune Chicken Broth. “I feel I just nailed the more-ish flavour, combined with the rich gelatine. It just gives the feeling of a big warm hug,” she says. “And when we strain it it has the most unbelievable golden hue. It’s seriously liquid gold. And to know it’s benefiting so many makes me so happy!”

“Our Ayurvedic Kitchari has also become a real iconic Made For Mothers meal,” Jess gushes. “I’m proud of her too as I know there are a lot of new mums benefiting from the nutrient density of that dish.”


Jess wears Solaqua dress.


So, what would Jess’s advice be for other mothers looking to start their own business? 

“Find something you’re passionate about and do it,” she says. “You want it to be an extension of yourself and for your passion to ooze out of it. You have to think, what am I going to give people? What am I going to do that will help people’s lives? Just go for it and stay authentic!”

“It is daunting at times but you make it work, and if it doesn’t then at least you had a shot at trying. You never fail, you just learn and move on to the next thing.”

Jess has an undeniable glow that comes from within, but she also has great style. Acne Studios, Ganni and Yoli and Otis are among her favourite brands, and she loves colourful and ethereal pieces that make her feel feminine and “like a mum goddess!”

Jess has worked hard to get MFM to the place it’s in today and has adored seeing women gifting MFM products to their sisters, mothers, friends and daughters. “It makes me feel confident that I’m on the right path and it’s leading us a step in the right direction,” she says.

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By Ellie Wiseman