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Modern Mum Style With Valeria Costello

Inspiring Everyday Looks for the Modern Mum, as seen on Valeria Costello in our latest Fashion Feature
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  • Radiant Bloom

    At the radiant stage of 34 weeks into her pregnancy, Laura Wells seamlessly intertwines the allure of nature with the celebration of womanhood.
  • Coastal Reverie

    Dive into 'Coastal Reverie,' our latest fashion editorial shot on Bondi Beach featuring Ashley Hart, 27 weeks pregnant, adorned in ocean-inspired attire by Australian designers.
  • Urban Elegance

    Amidst the city of Melbourne's vibrant backdrop, 'Urban Elegance' celebrates the beauty of pregnancy with tailored and elegant pieces. At 33 weeks pregnant, Jessica embodies grace, style, and the art of embracing motherhood.
  • Wintertide

    The Road To Motherhood Is An Exploration Of Self And Style. At 36 weeks, Ivana Plays With Sharp Suiting And Feminine Silhouettes To Keep Winter’s Chill At Bay

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