I am Courtney, and I am a mother of two and the founder of THE INARRA – a premium shopping and lifestyle destination designed to support mothers and mothers-to-be.

The idea for THE INARRA came to me when I was feeling at a complete loss as to how to dress when I was pregnant with my two boys, Johnny and Alfie. I found it hard to maintain my personal, pre-pregnancy style when working a corporate job, attending meetings and events and socialising with friends.

The ‘maternity’ clothing market didn’t resonate with me and I couldn’t justify investing in pieces I wouldn’t wear postpartum. Designers and brands offer suitable pieces for pregnancy dressing, however sourcing them takes time – time I didn’t have when I was pregnant!

I created THE INARRA for women who find joy in fashion and beauty and possess a fine-tuned sense of style that they don’t want to sacrifice just because they are pregnant or postpartum. I realised there was so much I didn’t know when I was pregnant and much I needed to learn, not only about my own body, but also about the tiny human growing inside me. So the vision for THE INARRA transformed from a shopping platform into a destination that supports mothers whatever stage they’re in.

‘Inarra’ means shining light, which to me encapsulates what THE INARRA is all about: fostering personal style and identity and building togetherness and community.

On THE INARRA you will find shoppable edits across fashion, beauty and wellbeing, baby goods and gifting, with a focus on the best Australian designers and brands. We fuse the aspirational with the accessible, mixing exclusive designer pieces with affordable high street must-haves.

Beyond fashion, THE INARRA offers lifestyle, beauty, wellness and baby content to support motherhood and beyond. Pregnancy is just the beginning, and there is a lot that new mothers must contend with – sleepless nights, teething, the health of you and your baby, juggling a career and your family, and nurturing your relationship. We are here to support you through it all. 

They say that when you have a baby, you not only give birth to your new baby but also to the new mother you are, and for me that is very true. 

Motherhood is such a grounding experience because you can guarantee that nine times out of 10 nothing will go to plan, but that everything will be OK. Motherhood puts things into perspective – perspective on what’s important and perspective of time. My boys are constant reminders to me to soak up the little moments, to not take life too seriously and to love hard.

I can not wait to support you on this journey!

Courtney x